I am an artist, writer, astrologer and ritual magician living in the Pacific Northwest. I have been a spiritual seeker for most of my life. I began meditating as a teenager and in my early twenties traveled to India where I studied buddhist Vipassana meditation and Raja Yoga. Following this I lived at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland where I was exposed to western esotericism.  For the past 40 years I have studied this rich tradition in its various forms: ritual magic, astrology and alchemy.

I have spent the past three years writing and illustrating my book The Tree of Visions which is an overview of western esotericism, exploring its historical and prehistoric origins. It traces its beginnings in the shamanism of the paleolithic and neolithic, and its continued development in the sacred-magical traditions of the ancient Near East and Europe. It shows that these ancient beliefs are still alive, albeit in new forms, in the practices of contemporary neo-shamans, neo-pagans and magicians. It was recently published by Lorian/Starseed Press.

The goal of this blog is to explore the many connections between shamanism and western esotericism.



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    1. Glad you like my blog Tinfoil Hat Lady! Hopefully will get back to posting after I finish editing my book. I checked out your blog…excellent work. Enjoyed your narration of your trip to Egypt. I was there in the early 90’s and was in awe!

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